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Natural    Chicle    Compressed


Features,  Benefits  and  Types

 Sugar  and  Sugarfree  Chewables  Tablets
Chicle Sugarfree chew


Natural  Sugar  Chewables  Tablets


Chewables tablets can be made 100% natural with organic sugars, honey bee, organic agave

syrup, fruit and cereal sugars or mix them, with one or two flavors in  different layers  in each

natural chew tablets.con new figures for child market


​Natural  Sugarfree  Chewables Tablets


You have the possibility to manufacture  Sugarfree Tablets 100% Naturals, using  xylitol and

stevia and mix them, without the addition of mannitol and sorbitol

Herbals   Chewables   Tablets

It is the perfect complement for the supply of herbal extracts

It offers the option of integrating more than one active herbal in  each  tablet  with  different


flavors and be dosed at different times of chewing, Also add the extracts in powders, liquids,

or a mixture. due  to  the  efficiency  in  the  provision  and  making  better  use of  actives the


amount is decreased in the formulation.


A quick perception of the  offered effect  can be achieved  by  active  herbal  in the  consumer

with a suitable blend of the flavors in the Natural herbal Chewables.

Natural Chicle Pharma Chewable
Functional   Chewables   Tablets
It is the optimum system for the delivery of actives with some function within the body. Since the molecular structure and properties using physical - chemistry that has the Natural-Chicle that are created for the distribution and dosage of all  kinds of  nutrients  which  are  required
by the Chicle tree. For this reason  to  improve  the use  of actives by the  organism, decreases the amount within the Chew Tablet. Offering the option of integrating more than  one  actives within the Tablet and be  dosed  in  different  periods  of  time  to be  chewed
Pharma   Chewables   Tablets
Formulate depending on the needs of  the operation  and  function  of  the active  ingredients
that are integrated to  the  CHEWABLE  TABLETS

Sensitivity  to  Heat, PH, Particle  Size,  Manufacture  Process Type  of  the  Chewables  Tabs,

Compatibility, Absorption times.

Considering the possibility of integrating various actives encapsulated with different flavors

in   different  layers  of  the  same  tablets  that  are  dosed  at  different  times,  obtaining  an

excellent  dosage

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