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Chicle  Tree  Sap  is  the  Perfect  Natural  Delivery  System 

For nutraceutical, herbal, pharma and functional ingredients

In  recent  years, nutraceuticals  have established themselves as part of the daily diet of consumers all over the world


Among  the  many  reasons  for their popularity and wide acceptance is the availability of extensive scientific research

establishing  their  therapeutic  claims, as  well  as  the  innovations  involved  in  nutraceutical  product  development,

including  the  design  and  development  of  delivery  methods  and  technology.


Delivery  technology  employed in nutraceutical  products is not just limited  to ensuring ease  of  administration  and

convenience; but also, more importantly, to ensure good oral  absorption / bioavailability,  an important   determinant

of   efficacy.  Recently , it  appears  the  soft  chew  is  gaining  its  footing  as  a major nutraceutical delivery  method.

Chicle gum base  Functional Pharma Invest
Routes Drugs transport

 It is  the  optimum  natural  system   for  delivery  of  active  with  some  function  within  the  body.  Because  using


the molecular structure as well as  the  properties  Physico - Chemical for the Chicle Sap , that  are  created  for the

distribution and dosing efficient for all nutrients which are required  daily  by  the  tree. For  this  reason using  chicle

gum base  powder as  an element  of  delivery, optimizing  the  absorption  of  active  by  the  body,  decreases  the

amount  within  the  tablet. Offering the option of  greater space to be used to  create mixes  active  synergistic  with

major effects on the consumer, within the  same  natural  chew Tablet , and be  dosed  in  different  periods  of  time

to  be  chewed. By  these delivery mechanisms for active them nutraceuticals, is cataloged as the perfect excipients

Pharmacological   Advantages   of 

Herbal-Functional-Pharma  Natural  Chile  Chewables  Tablets


1   Dose not requires water to swallow.

2   Hence can be take anywhere.

3   Advantageous for patients having difficulty in swallowing.

4   Excellent for acute medication.

5   Counteracts dry mouth, prevents candidiasis and caries.

6   Highly acceptable by children.

7   Avoids First Pass Metabolism and thus increases the bioavailability of Drugs  Fast  onset  due to  rapid  release of

     active  ingredients  in  buccal  cavity  and  subsequent  absorption  in  systemic  circulation.

8   Gum does not reach the stomach. Hence G.I.T. suffers  less  from  the effects of excipients 

9    Stomach does not suffer from direct contact with  high  concentrations  of active principles, thus reducing the risk

      of intolerance of gastric mucosa

10   Fraction of product reaching the stomach is  conveyed by  saliva  delivered continuously  and  regularly  duration

      of action is increased

11   Chewable tablets and Chewing Gum permits more rapid  therapeutic action compared to  per-oral dosage forms



Medicated Chewing Gum:

A Novel Drug Delivery System

Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science 02 (06); 2012: 40-54

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