Natural   Chicle   Gum   Base   NB-PW-DC 

 To   Made  through   of   Direct   Compressed   System

Unique  and  Amazing    All  Natural  Chewables  Tabs 

Product     Developed     with    Features   Specials,    Biodegradable     and     Environmentally    Friendly


For  to  manufacture  of  Natural  Chewables  Tablets  with  High Quality.  Enables  production  of  tablets

direct  compressed  using  standard  tableting  equipment, by   eliminating  the  traditional  machinery  for

the production  of chewing gum. Substantially  reducing  the  costs of  raw  materials  and  manufacturing

​The  reason  is, the  natural  chicle  gum  base  is  integrated  with  all  ingredients that the manufacturing

process requires. Depending on the type  and application  of chew  tablet  to manufacture, is  added only

sweeteners,  flavors,  colors  or  active   ingredients.​  For  to  make  natural   sugars,  sugarfree,  herbals,


functional or pharma formulations.  Getting  chew tabls  100 % natural,  either one,  two  or  three  layers. 


It also   improves  the  compression   system.  Providing   excellent   properties  of  chewing  and  texture 

to  the  final  products.


Natural   Chicle   Gum   Base   PW-DC          $ 35.00  American  Dollars  per  kilogram


Direct  to   your  Address  in  any   Country    Includes   product   and   shipping   costs 

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