Natural Chewing Gum  Tabs

Made with Chicle Gum Base

Direct Compression Process

This  new  manufacturing  process is efficient because enables  production of  chewing  gum


Only   using  standard  tableting   equipment   and   Natural   Chicle   Gum   Base  in  Powder 

NB-PW-DC.   Has   quite   a  few   inherent   health   benefits,  not   found   in  other   delivery 

Natural  Chicle  Chewing  Tablets  Advantages



1     All   Natural   Products,  eliminating   health  risk   to  the  end  consumer


2     Chew  Products  with  excellent  properties  of  mastication


3     Lower  costs  of  raw  materials  and  manufacturing


4     Offer the consumer a product with two flavors and different

       colors  in  the  same  chewable  tablets


5     Speed of the perception  of  the  flavours  and  sweeteners 


6     Capture of the market  that  is  not  chewing  gums  traditional  consumer


7      Products  with  the  highest  sale  price


8      Possibility  of  new  designs  of  products with packaging more attractive


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